Ship Searchlight Market to Reflect Impressive Growth Rate during 2018 – 2026

Ship Searchlight Market Growing With Technological Advancements in Terms of Ergonomics

Ship searchlights also known as spotlights are finding large application in the marine industry including cargo ships and passenger ships. According to the new research report by Trends Market Research, technological advancements in the ship searchlights is driving its adoption across the shipping industry. Manufacturers are focusing on developing new ship searchlights that can withstand harsh weather conditions. These new ship searchlights are weatherproof, corrosion and saltwater resistant, and are also easy to manage in a harsh marine environment.

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According to the report, different types of ship searchlights are being used in the shipping industry. However, the sealed beam halogen lamp is commonly used ship searchlight due to the low cost. While advanced ship searchlights including LED searchlights and dual halogen sealed beam lamps are also gaining traction in the market due to the high intensity, however, these ship searchlights are not cost-effective.

With the rise in a number of cargo vessels and cruise ships in the developed countries, the study estimates the demand for ship searchlights to grow significantly in these countries. Meanwhile, the ship searchlights market is likely to be driven by the flourishing oil and gas industry and rise in offshore oil and gas exploration activities. Positive trade scenario in the shipping industry is also expected to enhance the sales of new and advanced ship searchlights.

According to the report, the ship searchlight market is likely to reach maturity in the US, Europe, and Japan. While the innovation in technologies with the use of remote control, LED, and cabin control facilities are also some of the key factors supporting the increasing adoption of ship searchlight across various countries. Currently, the sales in the ship searchlight market are being led by the wide adoption of xenon and halogen types of ship searchlights.

The increasing availability of deck and hand-held mounting facilities, heavy-duty casting, remote control facilities have increased the option for new ship searchlights among various end use industries. As per the TMR report, the ship searchlight market is witnessing strong growth with the development of metal halide ship searchlights that are more powerful as compared to halogen lamps.

Various types of ship searchlights including xenon arc searchlights, incandescent halogen searchlights, LED hybrid searchlights, and night vision or IR searchlights are gaining popularity with the rise in sea trade and new cargo vessels. Moreover, ships and vessels are installing both wired and wireless ship searchlights, however, the demand for wireless ship searchlights is likely to grow in the coming years owing to the development of new products by manufacturers using advanced technologies and devices.

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According to the TMR report, an increasing number of sea transport facilities and ships in the developed countries such as the US, UK, France, and Germany the demand for ship searchlights is anticipated to surge in these countries. Meanwhile, the study expects the Asia Pacific to witness growth in the near future as the majority of the ship searchlight manufacturers are based in China and these manufacturers are focusing on online sales channels for global expansion.

The report also provides detailed profiles of the leading players in the ship searchlight market. Some of the key players in the market are Britmar Marine Ltd., Francis Searchlights Ltd, Jay Tech Engineering, ACR Electronics, Inc., Nilsson Shipping, The Carlisle & Finch Co., Perko Inc., CleghornWaring, Sea-Dog Corporation, and Versalux Pty Ltd.

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