Gaetz calls out Democrats for not defending Katie Hill

Representative Matt Gaetz defended Katie Hill, ex-California Congresswoman on Thursday and slammed her co-Democrats for failing to rally around her after one scandal which caused her to resign.

In an appearance on the show The Story With Martha MacCallum, Gaetz said that Hill’s issue isn’t with US President Donald Trump and that she should have blasted her co-Democrats for not defending her.

Hill criticized her political contenders on Thursday; attacking their political ‘double standard’ which allegedly set others free but punished her.

On Sunday, Hill announced about her resignation post a press firestorm was triggered by intimate information related to her private life. Pornographic images of Hill made the rounds online post one conservative news website called RedState reported about an alleged extra-marital affair Hill had with her staffers.

Gaetz was extremely sympathetic to her in the television show and criticized Hill’s Democratic colleagues for failing to support her.

The congressman continued saying that he does not know why ‘the left’ would not take a stand for their co-worker, colleague when it was just Hill’s ex who was complaining and releasing details to ruin out her life.

He accused the left of not supporting Hill as they simply wanted to weaponize the popular #MeToo movement against the Republicans.

By Robert Thatcher

With a knack for storytelling, Robert Thatcher started Bulletin Line about a year ago. Covering substantial topics under the US & Education section, he helps information seep in deeper with creative writing and content management skills.