‘Game changing’ tuberculosis vaccine a step closer

Researchers have introduced a ‘game changing’ vaccine to treat tuberculosis.

It is being hoped that the new vaccine could offer long-standing protection against tuberculosis, which claims the life of 1.5mn people across the globe every year.

Tuberculosis is an extremely contagious disease which is caused due to bacteria and the present BCG vaccine isn’t very effective to treat the disease.

But, while the initial trials of the vaccine have been successful, we will still have to wait for a couple of years for it to receive a license.

An international researchers team unveiled the vaccine that comprises of protein derived from bacteria that stimulate a response from the immune.

The vaccine has cleared one crucial clinical trials phase already and has been tested upon over 3500 adults residing in tuberculosis endemic areas of Kenya, Zambia and South Africa, said the researchers.

The vaccine is ‘revolutionary’ as it was found to be effective among adults that were infected with the causative TB agent, Mycobacterium tuberculosis already, said TB expert David Lewinsohn.

As most adults infected with the Mycobacterium tuberculosis don’t get TB, the researchers believe that the infection offers a certain level of protection. This is the reason why it’s really fascinating that the vaccine showed improvements in such natural immunity.

Notably, the vaccine was revealed at one global summit held on human lung health on Tuesday in Hyderabad, India.

By Maria Heley

Maria Heley is a social worker who aids the society with her knowledge of various diseases and healthcare issues. She wants her journalistic contributions in the health genre to reach the audience far and wide with better scope for a global change.