Wine Empowered Offers Tuition-Free Education For Women And Minorities

A newly developed non-profit program, Wine Empowered meant to educate women as well as minorities from hospitality industry about wine will start accepting applications starting December. The inaugural wine education course will begin early 2020, comprising of students from NYC area which are referred via their peers, mentors and employers.

Wine Empowered is established by Amy Zhou, Cynthia Cheng and Victoria James. It provides tuition-free education to the applicants and follows one GuildSomm-guided curriculum. According to James, the idea behind the program is to democratize wine. The founders hope that the students will be able to eliminate the snobbery which is often linked with the wine industry.

The program involves instruction related to notable winemaking techniques, wine regions, food pairing context as well as classic producers. Students will be evaluated on the basis of midterm exams, quizzes and final examinations during the 12-week course, which also includes a certificate.

The course has been crafted to remain approachable, practical and dynamic for application in workforce. All women, belonging to any ethnic or racial background as well as men from minority group are eligible for applying to Wine Empowered. The program is available only for NYC-local applicants for now, however, the founders plan on expanding geographically soon in the future.

By Robert Thatcher

With a knack for storytelling, Robert Thatcher started Bulletin Line about a year ago. Covering substantial topics under the US & Education section, he helps information seep in deeper with creative writing and content management skills.