One Of The Most Talked About Gardeners In Pakistan Asif Ali Gohar Plans Mass Production Of His New Rose Variety

Asif Ali Gohar who has developed a new Rose Variety called Gohar has now decided to mass-produce his new creation. To fulfill the interest of the new rose he is now looking for distribution partners.


Pakistan is known for many things including cricket, spices and great cuisine, but now it’s fast becoming known for roses thanks to a professional gardener who runs a garden shop in Lahore. Asif Ali Gohar, who is a father of two has developed a new rose variety called Gohar, and since news broke out in worldwide media the new rose has been in hot demand.


Rose Grower Asif Ali Gohar has received messages from interested parties around the world and to keep up with demand he is now looking for distribution partners. With this new advancement, it could put Pakistan on the gardening map and all because of a professional gardener dream, dedication, and commitment to introduce a new stunning rose variety called Gohar.


It’s no wonder why Gohar has caused so much excitement. It is a cross between Rosa chinensis and Rosa multiflora. It has big leaves, long-stemmed, with a flowering period until later autumn. And is very resistant.


The owner of a shop in Lahore has said he is very excited by all the exposure he has received.


“Since the story hit the media about my new variety rose Gohar I have received lots of inquiries. I have received messages from all corners of the world, and now I am looking for distribution partners to fulfill the demand.”


Asif Ali Gohar is not just an expert in roses, he has also announced his plans to introduce to the world a new Tulip. He plans to crossbreed tulips and create a new Fosteriana Tulip variety.


About Asif Ali Gohar

The father of 2 who was born in 1980 and stems from a gardener family has been running the family gardener shop in Lahore, Pakistan for more than ten years.