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EMI Sheilding Market projecting a CAGR of 5.78% during the forecast period, 2020-2026

According to BlueWeave Consulting, Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Market has gained the momentum in recent years with a CAGR of 5.78%, in value terms, over the forecast period 2020-2026, and expected to reach at USD 8,645.34 Million by 2026. The factors driving the industry are growing the telecommunications infrastructure worldwide, growing the usage of electronic devices in cars and a huge increase in mobile wireless communications, which leads to the need to protect digital equipment from interference by unwanted radio frequencies.

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There are two types of electromagnetic interference: interference with Narrowband EMI or RFI, and interference with Broadband EMI and RFI. Narrowband interference is generated from electronic system signals such as radios, TV stations and cell phones. Broadband interference originates from unwanted radiation from sources such as power lines.

Players assist electronic engineers in complying the specifications of EMI / RFI shielding for improved product flexibility and in protecting sensitive digital circuits from external EMI sources and containing system emissions.

Devices that may benefit from EMI Shielding’s additional protection include medical devices, radios, computers, control components and many other electronic devices that emit or may be influenced by electric waves. Materials which constitute EMI Shielding include electrical tape for grounding, bonding and EMI shielding with aluminium and copper backing. The adhesive structures are conductive and non-conductive.

The consumer electronics segment is expected to register a high CAGR over the projected period. Owing to growing demand for sophisticated smart electronics such as cell phones and tablets, GPS trackers, portable communications devices etc. The electronics market will also be affected by EMI shielding technologies for enhanced radiation shielding in better circuits and chips on computers. Automotive is booming in North America through growing demand for hybrid vehicles and autonomous cars.

The segment of radiation dominates the global radiation system which accounted for the largest share of the EMI shielding market in 2019. Usually designed for maximum EMI metal shielding to protect the device from EMI radiation. Metal shielding usually provides up to 100 dB of radiation tolerance for EMI shielding. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Due to its high adverse effect on human health and various strict regulations, the market was launched to shield humans from excessive exposure to EMI radiation. The conductive approach must be protected by its properties with magnetically conductive materials so as to avoid unwanted effects from lower frequencies, cables and enclosures.

Due to rising industrialization and improving economic conditions, the usage of electrical devices has been increasing day by day and leads to increase electromagnetic pollution. The electromagnetic pollution thus affects all living beings to a great degree. Electrical devices produce electromagnetic fields, depending on how much voltage and current they are using.  These factors will impact the growth of EMI shielding in positive manner.

The demand for materials with high electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding efficiency has become more urgent, motivated by the increased stress over electromagnetic emission issues arising from the fast-growing development and the need for electronic and electrical devices. In this field of research, lightweight EMI shielding materials were attentive considering the energy consumption in specific applications.

The EMI shielding industry continues to develop at unprecedented levels despite facing numerous new challenges due to rapid developments in wireless technology and the increasing miniaturization of electronic devices.

Ongoing Demonstration of Field Trials and Pilot Projects to Manifest Viability of 5G Technology and recent advancements in Wi-Fi, GPS, 3 G, RFID and Bluetooth have resulted in more complex problems posed by EMI, and hence more opportunities for EMI shielding designers to solve these problems. Nearly all of today’s electronic power systems are equipped with EMI filtering circuits or have internal EMI filters.

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By geography, the global Heat-Treated Steel Plates Market segregated into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Asia-Pacific region will expand with the increasing high level of telecommunications infrastructures and the ability to adapt to technological changes. The European market for electromagnetic interference shielding will be driven by the quick pace of technological progress and significant investment in the electronics sector.

The major market players 3M Company, ESCHO Technologies, henkel, Schaffner, HEICO Company, Dupont, PPG Industries, Nolato Company, Parker Chromerics, Kitagawa Industries , Liard Plc and other prominent players.

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