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Wirewound Variable Resistors Market Dynamics Trends, Segmentation, Key Players, Application And Forecast

The global wirewound variable resistors market is growing, due to increased demand for electronic devices and equipment. To avoid the damage of commercial electronic and consumer electronics equipment owing to excess transfer of current, the equipment are provided with inbuilt wirewound resistors. To enhance the functionalities of wirewound variable resistors, existing competitors in the market are investing heavily in research and development activities.

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The resistors protect the devices from damages by resisting fluctuations in the flow of additional electricity near its threshold voltage. Thus, wirewound variable resistors find vast applications in fuses or circuit breakers. The resistors are also used in circuit breaking applications, due to their high power capabilities. The Asia-Pacific market is expected to grow with the highest rate in coming years, due to the presence of several developing economies in the region.

The wirewound variable resistors can themselves be used as circuit breakers, or may be used in large circuit breaking devices.The increase in demand for varied application areas of wirewound variable resistors is providing ample growth opportunities for the market in the coming years. Several new entrants are entering the market, due to abundance of opportunities.

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The demand of resistors is increasing, due to high replacements and turnovers of electronic devices and home appliances, such as digital cameras, mobile phones and LCD monitors. The production of wirewound variable resistors is increasing, due to abundance of raw materials and low technology barriers in the market. The wirewound variable resistors can be used as temperature sensors as well as current sensors, thus augmenting the scope of the resistors.