Gas Analyzer, Sensor, and Detector Market 2020 | Research Objectives and Methodology, Growth Analysis, Top Manufacturers Sales, and Cost Structures Forecast 2024

Gas Analyzer, Sensor, and Detector

The “Gas Analyzer, Sensor, and Detector Market” report 2020 covers all the significant developments which are recently being adopted across the global market. The prime objective of the Gas Analyzer, Sensor, and Detector market report is to provides an in-depth analysis of all market dynamics including drivers and restraints, and trends, and opportunities. The Gas Analyzer, Sensor, and Detector market report covers both the demand and supply aspects of the market. The report also highlighted the future trends in the Gas Analyzer, Sensor, and Detector market that will impact the demand during the forecast period.

Scope of the Report:

Gas analyzers, sensors, and detectors are safety devices used in the commercial, medical, industrial and several other industries. These devices continuously analyse and monitor the concentration of gases in different end user industries and thus provides life safety and helps to avoid fire break outs.

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Market Overview:

  • The global gas analyzer, sensor and detector market was valued at USD 3174.81 million in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 4247.81 million by 2024 at a CAGR of 5.03% over the forecast period. The market has become an integral part of several industries in recent years. This is majorly due to their effective contribution in preventing disasters related to gas leakages and explosions. Hence, the demand for gas analyzers, sensors, and detectors is expected to grow at a significant rate, during the forecast period.
  • – Rising concerns about personnel and plant safety, increasing safety awareness amongst the end-users, and the rising enforcement of occupational health and safety regulations are the major factors stimulating the growth of the market. The rising awareness and adoption of these products are due to the increasing number of fatal accidents, related to gas leakages and explosions, leading to a majority of workers insisting that they are equipped with gas detectors and analyzers.
  • – Wireless/portable gas detectors are finding widespread adoption, as they offer reduced initial implementation costs and recurrent savings, in terms of maintenance costs, through better workforce management, faster resources workflow, and improved safety.
  • – The oil and gas sector is one of the major industries which is expected to invest significantly in the adoption of analyzers, detectors, and sensors, as the industry is expected to increase its investments in the digital technologies like IoT and AI. The investments are significantly increasing as it can collect data from various sensors, deployed across the upstream and midstream processes, and use this data to offer a more comprehensive and safe approach while making the process more efficient.

    Some of the Top Key Players of Gas Analyzer, Sensor, and Detector Market Report Are:

  • Emerson Electric Co.
  • Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation
  • Siemens AG
  • Servomex (Spectris PLC)
  • Fuji Electric Co Ltd.
  • Honeywell International (RAE Systems)
  • Dragerwerk AG
  • Otis Instruments Inc.
  • Industrial Scientific Corporation
  • MSA Safety Incorporated
  • Detector Electronics Corporation
  • Scott Safety
  • Crowncon Detection Instruments Limited
  • Microwatt Controls Limited
  • Detcon Inc.

    Report Highlights:

    • Market Dynamics – Drivers, Restraints, and Opportunities
    • Market Segmentation – Types, Applications, Regions, and Technology
    • Market Trends
    • Competitive Landscape
    • SWOT Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

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    Key Market Trends:

    Non-Dispersive Infrared Gas Analyzer to have Highest Adoption Rate

    – Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology is the most common method used for high sensitivity measurement of a variety of gas components including CO2, CO, CH4, NO, and SO2 in Air Quality analyses. NDIR analyzers are majorly used in the industries such as oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals owing to their rugged nature and their ability to work in aggressive chemical environments.
    – NDIR gas analyzers are also able to accept a certain degree of cross-sensitivity between different gases and also their lifespan is much longer than other gas analyzers. The use of NDIR sensors in the modern ventilation systems owing to their accuracy, low cost, compatibility and long term stability is expected to aid the growth of NDIR gas analyzers. Most of the NDIR gas analyzers utilizes a low sample flow rate, reducing the amount of maintenance owing to high particulate and moisture loading on optical surfaces.
    – Further, major companies such as ThermoFisher are introducing multi gas NDIR analyzers that can shut off the sample pump and activate an alarm before high levels of moisture damage the sensitive components. These additional features are expected to aid the sales. However, change in intensity owing to the required light source is expected to hinder the growth of NDIR gas analyzers.

    Asia-Pacific Market for Gas Analyzer Estimated to Grow Significantly

    – Asia-Pacific is the only region to register a significant oil and gas capacity growth, in the recent years. About four new refineries were added in the region, which has added about 750,000 barrels per day, to the global crude oil production.
    – Increased investments in new plants in oil and gas, steel, power, chemical, and petrochemicals, and the rising adoption of international safety standards and practices, are expected to influence the market growth. Further, development of industries in the region is driving the growth for gas analyzers, owing to their use in the oil and gas industry, such as monitoring processes, increased safety, enhanced efficiency, and quality.
    – Furthermore, gas analyzers are also being used to analyze the pollution levels across a city. In countries like China and India, pollution levels are at an all time high, leading to gas analyzers being deployed to monitor and control pollution levels.
    – Also, a radical shift towards healthy lifestyle, the countries in this region are spending significantly on healthcare sector. These factors increase the demand for blood gas analyzers, which are used to indicate the amount of soluble oxygen in the blood, etc., from gases evolving from arteries and veins. They help in the detection of respiratory and metabolic issues.

    The Report Covers:

    • Comprehensive research methodology of Gas Analyzer, Sensor, and Detector market
    • In-depth analysis of macro and micro factors influencing the market guided by key recommendations.
    • Analysis of regional regulations and other government policies impacting the global sleep aid market
    • Insights about market determinants which are stimulating the global Gas Analyzer, Sensor, and Detector market
    • Detailed and extensive market segments with regional distribution of forecasted revenues
    • Extensive profiles and recent developments of market players Companies Mentioned

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    Detailed TOC of Gas Analyzer, Sensor, and Detector Market Report 2020-2024:




    4.1 Market Overview
    4.2 Industry Attractiveness – Porter’s Five Force Analysis
    4.2.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
    4.2.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers/Consumers
    4.2.3 Threat of New Entrants
    4.2.4 Threat of Substitute Products
    4.2.5 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry

    5.1 INTRODUCTION to Market Drivers and Restraints
    5.2 Market Drivers
    5.2.1 Rising Concerns About Personnel and Plant Safety
    5.2.2 Rise of Safety Awareness Among End-users
    5.2.3 Rising Enforcement of Occupational Health & Safety Regulations
    5.3 Market Restraints
    5.3.1 High Costs & Lack of Product Differentiation
    5.3.2 Technical Issues Associated With New Customer Adoption

    6.1 By Gas Analyzer
    6.1.1 By Technology Electrochemical Paramagnetic (PM) Zirconia (ZR) Non-dispersive IR (NDIR) Others
    6.1.2 By End-user Oil and Gas Chemicals and Petrochemicals Water and Wastewater Pharmaceuticals Other End Users
    6.2 By Gas Sensor
    6.2.1 By Type Toxic Electrochemical Semiconductor Photoinonization Combustible Catalytic Infrared
    6.2.2 By End-user Oil and Gas Chemicals and Petrochemicals Water and Wastewater Metal and Mining Utilities Food and Beverage Other End Users
    6.3 By Gas Detectors
    6.3.1 By Communication Type Wired Wireless
    6.3.2 By Type of Detector Fixed Portable Transportable
    6.3.3 By End-user Oil and Gas Chemicals and Petrochemicals Water and Wastewater Metal and Mining Utilities Other End Users
    6.4 Geography
    6.4.1 North America
    6.4.2 Europe
    6.4.3 Asia-Pacific
    6.4.4 Rest of the World

    7.1 Company Profiles
    7.1.1 Emerson Electric Co.
    7.1.2 Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation
    7.1.3 Siemens AG
    7.1.4 Servomex (Spectris PLC)
    7.1.5 Fuji Electric Co Ltd.
    7.1.6 Honeywell International (RAE Systems)
    7.1.7 Dragerwerk AG
    7.1.8 Otis Instruments Inc.
    7.1.9 Industrial Scientific Corporation
    7.1.10 MSA Safety Incorporated
    7.1.11 Detector Electronics Corporation
    7.1.12 Scott Safety
    7.1.13 Crowncon Detection Instruments Limited
    7.1.14 Microwatt Controls Limited
    7.1.15 Detcon Inc.



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