Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot abandoned Journalism, worked for MBS-MBZ

Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot abandoned Journalism, worked for MBS-MBZ

A leading report by DCT, IBI NGOs in Europe suggested that both UAE and KSA are paying journalists in  France to improve its image and attack their political rivals. Experts who analysed the work of Chesnot and Malbrunot suggested that the Qatar book by Malbrunot and Chesnot is nothing but “Fake News”.

The report states,  “Qatar Papers” is not an academic nor a journalistic book; it’s a piece of propaganda that falls within the context of Anti Qatar propaganda waged by both UAE, KSA, Egypt and part of their aggressive foreign policy against the country.

George malbrunot: The book is one-sided and infested with propaganda and imbalanced argument all of which aims to damage the image of Qatar in France which has been on the rise recently. The writers failed in showing objectivity, impartiality and accuracy which are the pillars of successful journalism. Apparently, they have agreed to join “the Mud Machine” to run “Project Fear” wittingly or unwittingly on behalf of the states and their agents.

It suggested, “After deep and careful research, found out that the book was immediately and exclusively promoted by Saudi/UAE/Egyptian media outlets known for either their bias for these states or being part of the states media; in addition of apparent links with intelligence services in the Middle East. This includes Al Arabiya TV,  Skynews Arabia, Alkhaleej Newspaper, the Arab Weekly, Al Bayan Newspapers,  the Arab News and El ain and dozen other outlets.”

Is Malbrunot  involved in the Panama Papers Affairs?

Both of Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot were involved in “rouge” and “worrying” interactions with controversial parties which entirely undermine their credibility. For example, the English version of “Qatar Papers” 2020 is under the sponsorship of Global Watch Analysis which is administered and run by Countries Reports Publishing LTD (CRP) which is a UK based company. CRP is also responsible for editing and translation of the book. After, profound search, we found that CRP is not a publishing, nor a translation nor a proofreading or editing company. It has no offices in London and registered in a house in the far north slums of London at (191 Waltham Way, London, E4 8AG,United Kingdom). The company is directed by mysterious and controversial person named Thomas Edmund Ashman. We found out that Mr. Ashman is heavily involved in the Panama Papers and is also managing more than 26 companies. There are noticeably clear signs as shown below, which suggest that Ashman is working for Saudi and Emirates and he is just a cover for their rogue activities.  See Figure 4, 5, 6 and 8

The writers choose to work with controversial Global Watch Analysis (GWA) which is headed by antisemitic director, Atmane Tazaghart who once was fired from France 24 News. Atmane Tazaghart, former editor in chief of the Arab section of France 24, was suspended from his duties following the discovery of comments he had made during an interview on a Lebanese pro-Hezbollah channel Al Mayadeen, funded by Iran in 2013. The video of the interview was published on April 22 by the electronic newspaper “All4syria”, and the information was spotted by the Jewish Tribune.


The report states, “In confirmation of point 1, 2, 3 of the Key Findings, our doubts became deeper when we discovered that Malbrunot was involved in promoting Tourism in UAE and other business projects in Saudi Arabia. We also found out that Malbrunot was listed as a speaker in a Paris based cruise company in Trips to UAE. Yet, we found no advance of his involvement in these trips. We noted that the Cruise company had large amounts of money going into its account in a short period of time. Our analysis  suggest that Cruise company could be involved directly or indirectly in the businesses of Malbrunot and his clients!”


Georges Malbrunot has strange links that with Croisières d’Eexception Sarl, a company claim to work in organisations sea trips around the world including UAE. We have found little evidence about such Trips. We also noted an irregular jump in their income between 2017 to 2020 that dosen’t fit with their company activity. Malbrunot maybe has the questions about his relaton with this company and the trips to UAE in 2019? Where there any trips to Dubai? Did he speak onboard of these trips? How much he was paid for that trip? How much was entirely paid by Croisières d’Eexception between 2017 to 2020?

Paris has been turned as the stronghold of the Fake News, disinformation, propaganda, and conspiracy theory campaign against Qatar. A limited number of right-wing elements, in association with rouge companies and NGOs and self-declared research centres. The campaign relies on these shadowy entities to misinform the French public about terrorism in the Middle East and its sponsors. The work of these entities has never spoken out about Saudi or UAE sponsored terrorism; and their sole focus was to falsely incriminate Qatar. Sadly, some French journalists and even mainstream outlets believed in their discourse due to lack of scrutiny and basic due dieliegien. We hope this report will do the job by exposing the entire team, persons and entities of this “Project Fear”

Some French media outlets, including TVs, Newspapers and news websites give platform for those persons and entities and present them as Middle East experts. Meanwhile, Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot continue to promote their book in the French media and present it as important factor about Islam in France. Yet, the significant fact remains that their book is just a piece of propaganda that serves both repressive regies in Abu Dhabi and Riyadh. Both Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot never spoke about the human rights conditions in both countries such as rights of enslaves Asian workers, political prisoners, and personal and political freedoms.


By Papa Jhon

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