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Erectin Explain Why Healthy Relationships Are Important

Relationships formed with others are vital to mental, emotional wellbeing and survival for humans. As humans, we have a deep-seated and inherent need to be close to others and have that social connection. Consider the movie with a man and a volleyball, while a “relationship” with a  volleyball wasn’t necessarily healthy, he had a compulsion for company and needed that company to survive. In a healthy relationship, the need for connection is a vital component for survival. That being said, what exactly is a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is shared between two people who love each other, encourage each other, help each other, and support each other both physically and emotionally. Let’s examine, in no specific order, what the elements of a healthy relationship are:

Communication (open and without any judgment)

Listening to one another



Consistency in spending time with each other

Remembering small details about the other person

Healthy activities done together

Not all relationships are romantic and studies show that as long as the relationship is positive, it can have a positive effect on your health. If you are looking to spice up a romantic relationship try Erectin.

Here are some great benefits of a healthy relationship (both romantic and otherwise):

 Reduced Stress

Committed relationships are linked to a lower production of cortisol which is a stress hormone. This implies that a married couple is less bothered by psychological stress. There is a lot of emotional and social support by being in a committed relationship of any kind. There is even evidence suggesting that cohabitors are happier than single persons are.

Improved Healing

Research has suggested that having someone there to help take your mind off of pain, remind you to take medications, and just to talk to, are far more likely to be happier. Further research has shown that for someone undergoing heart surgery if they are in a committed relationship they are far more likely to survive the first few months after surgery than someone who isn’t in a committed relationship. Married patients and couples report that they have more confidence and are far less challenged to deal with post-operative pain. Emotional support can go far in helping a person to cope with and survive a procedure or an illness.

Healthy Behaviors

Healthy relationships typically denote a healthy lifestyle. When you have someone else, you’re more likely to eat a healthier diet and lead a far healthier lifestyle that likely won’t include smoking or other dangerous lifestyles. It’s easier to lead a healthy lifestyle if you’re surrounded by others encouraging you and leading a healthy lifestyle themselves.

Greater Sense Of Purpose

It’s a natural need to want to feel that you’re needed. It’s natural to want to be a part of something bigger. Many people are striving to feel like they’re helping others, improving the world, and making things better in some small way for those around them. Being in a loving and committed relationship, regardless of the kind, can give people a sense of wellbeing and a purpose in life. It’s quite likely that it can also add years to their life as well.

Longer Life

Further research has shown that healthy social relationships can make a huge impact on whether a person has an early death or a long life. This impact can be far larger than whether or not a person is taking their blood pressure medications or if they’re exposed to air pollution. It’s even been found in one study that smoking as much as 15 cigarettes a day and smoking can have the same effect on a person as a lack of social relationships.

Each and every person is a unique individual who contributes a different aspect to any relationship. How stress is handled and whether or not life is meaningful can go far to help a person lead a healthy life. It’s okay to enjoy being alone, however, a few close relationships can go far to improve a person’s health.



By Papa Jhon

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