IBU Biathlon World Championships 2021 Live Stream

If you are a fan of skiing then there is some good news for you. The Biathlon world championships are just on the anvil and this time we are going to witness some historical moments for sure.

Biathlon World Championships Live Stream

pokljuka IBU Biathlon World Championships Live Stream 2021 – Schedule, Teams, Venue, Tiem, Date, News, and Details

Struggling to find a reliable source of information that will provide you all the options to view the Biathlon World Championships live? Read on the article and emerge successful with all the relevant information!

Featuring Sprint, Pursuit, Individual and Mixed Relays, the Biathlon has grazed the sporting world after some time, and once the planet has somewhat shaken off the grave implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a fan who is unable to reach the Slovenian city to watch the entire championship live, please don’t fret, as you are in luck! You can watch the entire championship live from the comfort of your homes using notable streaming or broadcasting services.

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Dates, time, and schedule:

Though the Biathlon World Championships 2021 have commenced from the 9th of February, that day was devoid from sporting action and just contained the inauguration ceremony. The sporting action will start from the 10th of February and continue till the 21st of the same month.

The host country is Slovenia and the entire event is taking place at the Biathlon Stadium Pokljuka, Srednja Vas v Bohinju, Slovenia. Pokljuka is the Slovenian city that plays host to this awesome sporting event.

Official broadcasting channel:

The official broadcaster of the IBU Biathlon World Championships 2021 is Eurovision Sports TV. It will feature the live streams of the events starting from 10th February and continue broadcast till the end of the event.

You can simply download the app of the Eurovision Sports TV from the Google Store or the Apple Store. Enter your credentials, and you can enjoy the exhilarating ride on this game-changing sports video app. Once you are securely logged in with the Eurovision Sports App, you can select the IBU channel and start watching the Biathlon live!

This official broadcasting via the Eurovision Sports TV is only available for the audience who belong from France, Poland and the United States.

Other options to watch the IBU Biathlon World Championships 2021 live stream:

If you are not from Poland or France or the United States and still want to enjoy the scintillating action from the IBU Biathlon World Championships live, then you need to go for other stakes. Honestly, those are much easier and widely preferred across the world, and thus, you can definitely get to enjoy your country’s delegation and performance in this world-class sporting event.

TV-Streaming services:

TV-streaming services are widely accepted as the personalized services with sports offerings around the globe. Some of the most notable ones that will allow you to watch the IBU Biathlon World Championships live are listed below. 

  • Sling TV: Sling TV is one of the most-preferred TV streaming services in the world that offers unending streams of the best sporting actions coupled with media, news, entertainment, and many more. Sling TV features two streaming bundles- Orange and Blue. Though both of them are priced at 30 USD per month, you can select your preferred channels to watch and accordingly pay for the one that seems ideal.

On the other hand, you can also bundle both the packages and pay 45 USD in total. One of the latest moves from Sling TV in reducing the net cost of the Orange and Blue bundles has created a mass appeal for this TV streaming service amongst global audiences. Using Sling TV’s personalized offerings, you can easily watch the IBU Biathlon World Championships live. 

  • fuboTV: Another immensely popular global TV streaming service is fuboTV, with its immersive content and flexible packages. The Family bundle comes at 64.99 USD per month and contains a range of channels including sports, entertainment, news, and media. This bundle allows 250 hours of DVR family share.

On the other hand, the fuboTV Elite bundle combines the fubo base plan and fubo Extra and gives you endless possibilities. This Elite bundle is priced at 79.99 USD per month and offers more than 1000 hours of DVR storage. If you are a Spanish citizen or Latino is your preferred language, you can also subscribe to the fubo Latino bundle at a meagre 29.99 USD per month. 

  • YouTube TV: One of the world’s most popular and oft-preferred TV streaming platforms, YouTube offers you a host of upsides. The 64.99 USD monthly package includes 6 membership accounts and enables you to watch regional and global sports events in vivid display. The IBU TV channel in YouTube TV will enable you to watch the IBU Biathlon World Championships 2021 from anywhere in the world.


If you are not able to watch the IBU Biathlon World Championships live because of geo-restriction in your area, then you just need to be patient. It is not that you will be stripped of all the enjoyment and the sporting action because there are several reliable and credible sources that will enable you to watch the event live.

VPNs or virtual private networks are those which enable you to rout or override the geo-blocks by masking your IP addresses. Some of the brilliant VPN service providers are- NordVPN and ExpressVPN. You can download either of these and use them to mask your IP, override geo-restriction and enjoy unhindered action from the Biathlon World Championships!

Social Media:

One of the biggest upsides of using social media to witness live sports is the absence of subscription-based services!

    • Facebook: The world’s biggest and most-used social media platform is one of the best places to watch the IBU Biathlon World Championships live. You can simply search for the relevant community or official channel and get hooked on to the sporting action.
  • Twitter: It is one of the most exciting places to catch any live event happening worldwide. With the ideal hashtags like #IBU #biathlon21 etc., you can stream the sporting action easily.
  • Reddit: It is one of the most impactful news aggregation and discussion platforms. But this social media has made its name in live stream access of various sports, entertainment and media. You simply need to search for the relevant subreddit and then enter a viable link that streams the sporting action absolutely free of cost!